Saturday, 18 October 2008

7000 Thrushes in 3 hours - FIELDFARE & REDWING GALORE!!

0700hrs - 1030hrs
Wind: SW5mph then freshening to W/SW 8-10mph by 0900hrs...
Movement: all North West unless stated otherwise.
Brilliant morning right from the word go (at 0724hrs) with Redwing coming in all directions from 50ft down to almost ground level, the majority only 20ft down and at one time totally blanketting over 1/2 mile wide. Best Redwing party 500 and a couple of parties at 300...then started to quiet off by 0900hrs and by 1000hrs virtually no birds. Fieldfare did not start until 0815hrs - best parties 150,150,90... and they just stopped coming through by 0945hrs..
Redwing: 4921 (79 parties), Fieldfare: 2152 (35 parties), Starling: 28 (4 parties), Chaffinch: 49 (best party 10), Greenfinch: 4, Goldfinch: 2, Mistle Thrush: 1, Blackbird: 1, Meadow Pipit: 9, Woodpigeon: 6, BHG: 14, Jackdaw: 25 (3 parties), Pied Wagtail: 2, Siskin: 2, Pink Footed Goose: 20 approx NNW 0930hrs looked like they where over Haslingden Moor.., Peregrine Falcon: 1 all the way through W.

In 25 years of Vismig I can report that for Thrushes, it really does'nt get much better than this!! (photo: Showing Redwing going through straight from the word go - click on image to enlarge)