Thursday, 2 October 2008

Grip Blocking and Re-wetting at Bentley Moss....

Just some info you might find interesting.I have been carrying out some grip blocking and re-wetting work across Bentley Moss recently as part of a Habitat restoration project funded by the Scout Moor Windfarm Habitat Enhancement Fund( Peel Holdings).
Work will eventually be ongoing to re-wet our upland water catchments with the view to keeping water up on the moorland catchments longer ( A sponge effect0 )rather than it entering straight down into the reservoir catchments.
We are looking to eventually continue our SCAMP programme of work across the west pennines subject to funding approval but my project up on Bentley Moss is a taster/pilot scheme of what we will hopefully be doing more of soon Sustainable Catchment Management Programme (SCaMP).
United Utilities owns 57,000 hectares of land in the North West, which UU hold to protect the quality of water entering the reservoirs. Much of this land is home to nationally significant habitats for animals and plants, with around 30% designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The Sustainable Catchment Management Programme (SCaMP), which has been developed in association with the RSPB, aims to apply an integrated approach to catchment management within two key areas of United Utilities land, Bowland and the Peak District area. This will help to deliver government targets for SSSIs, enhance biodiversity, ensure a sustainable future for the company’s agricultural tenants and protect and improve water quality.SCaMP has created an unprecedented level of interest, and therefore the overall aim of this website is to improve the accessibility and sharing of information and knowledge about SCaMP to all interested.
Glynn Haworth - Countryside Ranger - United Utilities...