Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Troy and Calf Hey

Birds on Calf Hey: Goldcrest, Pied Wagtail, Grey Wagtail (Drains side), Canada Geese (6), Mallard with chicks, Greenfinch, (Hartley House Planting), Chaffinch...

Butterflies & Moths on Calf Hey: Painted Lady (1), Small Heath (1), Several Green Veined Whites.. also there was a very large hatch with moths everywhere of the very small day flying moth (see photo below) which is a Nettle-Tap Moth (Anthophila fabriciana) (Thanks to Ina for identification).

Insects on Calf Hey: Lots of Turquoise coloured Weevils (Phyllobius pomaceus) feeding on Nettle (see photo below left). Lots of Red and Black Frog hoppers (Cercopis vulnerata) (see photo top left).

Fungi: (see photo above right) is called the "Nettle Cluster Cup Rust Fungus" (Puccinia urticata) looks like a caterpiller from a distance which grows to the stems of Nettles and has a sort of yellow powdery residue. (Thanks to Mike Valentine for identification)

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