Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A Black Cloud of Starling... but going the wrong way!!

0700hrs-0900hrs from Heap Clough...
Wind ENE 10 mph
Movement: All West unless specified (today also East played a part)

A bit better day with some Thrush movement (mainly Fieldfare). The highlight was a solid packed party of Starling (est: 500 could have been far more) but going East.

Fieldfare: 554 (19 parties, best parties: 40,50,60,50,40,40, also but included 30E)
Redwing: 62 (8 parties, best parties: 10,13,12)
Starling: 682 (11 parties, best parties 500+E, 25,60,30,15)
Blackbird: 8 (5,1,2,)
Chaffinch: 47
also: Pied Wagtail: 1, Cormorant: 2, Green Woodpecker: 1 (local).