Sunday, 2 November 2008

Thrushes gone quiet after yesterday but Starlings still going for it..

0700hrs-0900hrs from Heap Clough.....
Movement: NW unless stated otherwise.
Wind: N 10mph and freshening..and very cold..
Spotty rain at first then OK..

Not a lot going on this morning. Starling still going through with one cracking party of 150 which where so close overhead I felt the draught as they went by......

Fieldfare: 195 (best parties 50,50,15) 18E
Redwing: 85 (best party 20) 35E
Starling: 320 (one party 150)
Chaffinch: 43
Others: Blackbird: 2, Mistle Thrush: 1, Greenfinch: 2, Redpoll: 2, Woodpigeon: 2, BHG: 6,
Photos: l: looking SE towards the windfarm on Ashworth Moor, and r: a mossy/liverwort species at Heap Clough - found yesterday - click over photo to enlarge).