Thursday, 5 March 2009

Solved the mystery of Calf Hey's dissapearing water!!

Carried on from the other day walking around Calf Hey Reservoir but today it was grand to be dry. The waters had lowered considerably from even a couple of days ago See photo below . Checked out with Steven Duckworth (Farmer-Leys End) and he told me - United Utilities where allowing the Reservoir to empty on purpose because they where carrying out repairs on the Holden Wood Reservoir (the first reservoir) and they needed plenty of open volume available within Calf Hey should there be any chances of torrential downpour and in that case the Calf Hey would be then in a position to retain the water instead of it being driven down through the storm drains via Ogden and into Holden Wood.

This pair of Mallard above where in the Calf Hey Inlet lock, there was also 6 Goosanders (5 male and 1 Female)on the reservoir and a lone male Goldeneye. At the Car Park there was a large party of Goldfinch with some Brambling mixed in. Also a single Raven making its way west and as is usual calling. A pair of Green Woodpecker was yaffling at Grane Head.

Also had plenty of Water Cricket (Velia caprai) - See photo here on left . (click over to enlarge). Pussy Willow starting to bud at various parts. Also a great collection of Oyster fungus (Pleurotus ostreatus) Click on photo to enlarge. Near to Grane Head. (Thanks to Mike Valentine for identification)

Steve Duckworth came up on his quad to bring feed to the young cows, accompanied by two of the fittest sheepdogs I have ever seen...