Tuesday, 31 March 2009

High Frogspawn yield at Calf Hey Reservoir..

Had a walk around parts of Calf Hey including Lower and Higher Ormerods, some really good lichen finds around the Ormerods (shown to the right) 1: Cladonia type and also the one below which I have not yet identified. Then went up to Long House and back to Top O'th Knoll and back around Calf Hey Reservoir track... we had several Meadow Pipit individuals heading straight through (though several back on territory within the Northampton area of Musbury Heights). On the reservoir there was 10 Goosander (9f & 1m) a pair of Goldeneye. A Green Woodpecker was yaffling and also there was a Great Spotted Woodpecker at the Car Park.. In the storm drains on Musbury Heights side there was an enormous amount of frogspawn (it measured approx 15feet x 5feet and probably 3-4" deep) a truly fantastic yield...(Click over photos to enlarge)..