Saturday, 23 August 2008

Troy Quarry.. Crossbill, Butterflies & Damselflies....

1000hrs - 1200hrs.

Birds: Crossbill (1) left Heap Clough plantings and calling whilst heading SW into the Calf Hey. Also a Willow Warbler (1) at Troy. Approx 50-60 mixed party of Swallow and House Martin, hawking very low at times, Chaffinch (1).

Butterflies: Peacock (1), Small Tortoiseshell (1), Small Skipper (3), Green Veined White (3), Small Heath (1), Meadow Brown (2), Large White B (1). Common Darter Dragonfly (1), a Blue coloured damselfly plus others not identified. Flora: Eyebright. Amphibian: Small Frogs (3/4") (photos: Peacock & Small Skipper Butterflies - click image for supersize).